Bison bison, wherefore art thou bison?


Waaaay back when before the 19th century you could be hanging out on the wide open plains of North America and see herds of big, stocky, hunch-backed, wooly bison.  Imagine: herds of the largest land mammal in North America so big that you couldn’t see the start or end of ‘em. They’d be chewing on grasses and such, wallering in dirt to keep the pests off, and performing their mating rituals during the rut.  Even though they can weigh in at almost a ton (or 2000 lbs or a small car or two horses) and canreach up to 12 feet long and 6 feet across they are hecka fast reaching speeds of up to 40mph!

In a crummy turn of events in the 19th century settlers decimated the bison population for food and for fun and to destroy the economy of the Plains Indians (a move promoted by the US Government).  They took what was an estimated pre-Columbian population of 60 million bison and knocked it down to less than 1000 by the late 19th century.

Yellowstone NP is the only place in the US where bison have lived since prehistoric times. My personal goal is to find a white buffalo. A very rare and sacred animal.  Of every 10 million bison born about 1 is white (according to the National Bison Association). I need to find one and ask it some important questions.

Gus chasing the buffalo


Although they really aren’t true buffalo, I’ll put this in in honor of Bison bison ….

“Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

That right there is a good, solid sentence in good ol’ American English. You may have your complaints about the English language but this is likely not one of them.

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  1. You cant help but be delightful and wonderful. It’s your magical superpower.

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