We like collecting animal facts and double animal names (triple when we can get ‘em).  We like to come upon them by surprise in natural history museums, research papers, and field guides. Try keeping an eye out and starting your own collection. It gets exciting. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes a tautonym so great. Repeating the same word or name twice in a row draws your attention and satisfies some innate love for symmetry and repetition. It’s romantic (Romeo, Romeo; Rochelle, Rochelle; do you like him or do you like like him?) and satisfying like a strong echo or some solid girl group backup singing.  It makes for extra extra cool animals.

Jules Buck Jones is a practicing artist living and working in Austin, TX.  He grew up in Virginia and earned his BFA from VCU in Richmond in 2005 and his MFA from UT Austin in 2008.  Over the years Jules has developed a body of work dealing primarily with animal imagery and thoughts on biology, ecology, mythology, and transformation. Jules is a member of the collaborative installation group Boozefox and is president of the non-profit project space MASS Gallery.

Audrey Stewart got her master’s in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at The University of Texas in Austin. She has worked with birds in the mountains of West Virginia, flying lizards in the jungles of Borneo, birds and bats on the plains of Texas, and various critters in the cloud forests of Costa Rica. She is a card-carrying member of the Austin division of the Animal Facts Club.


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